Communing With the Angels of Love

Heart Chakra Meditation
Excerpted from Chapter 4 of Talk With Angels


Archangel Chamuel teaches that devotion to the Father-Mother God affords protection to your heart and heart chakra. You can use meditation and mantra to expand and strengthen them.

The following mantra contains the metaphor and the deep understanding of your soul that your heart is a rose that is unfolding.

The fragrance of your heart goes out to God as devotion, and as you pour it forth you can move with that devotion because you are a part of it.

As you give this mantra, place your hands over your heart and visualize your twelve-petaled heart chakra unfolding like a rose.

The fragrance of your heart is your devotion to God and your love for all people.

Pour forth devotion to God and then visualize yourself one with the whole cosmic ocean of God’s consciousness. 

As a rose unfolding fair
Wafts her fragrance on the air,
I pour forth to God devotion,
One now with the Cosmic Ocean.

You can give this prayer as a mantra many times a day as a means of sustaining your tie to God.

This is a very profound little mantra. It is one of those mantras of divine love that guards you against the sharp word, something unkind or thoughtless that hurts someone.

When you have a momentum of the mantras of love in your heart, then you are in control and so you do not let out things that cause burdens to people.

As you meditate on the God of love while repeating these four lines, you can actually go into a spiritual ecstasy that comes from releasing the love in your heart.

Be gone, forces of anti-love!

Chamuel and Charity have given us this mantra that can be used for the turning back of forces of anti-love in the earth.

Chamuel says,

“Be prepared to deal with the forces of anti-love that will not leave you voluntarily. Therefore you must make the fiat with me: Be gone, forces of anti-love!”

When you give this fiat, Chamuel directs the light through your chakras and sends it to every nation for the binding of the forces of anti-love in their governments, their economies, and all aspects of society.

See in your mind’s eye the familiar national landmarks as a point of reference, and add the legions of Chamuel and Charity to those scenes. Visualize the action taking place instantaneously by millions of legions of angels under Chamuel’s command.

Use your third eye to send a beam of light into every nation where the forces of anti-love are on the rampage. As you watch the news, you can take notes and record the scenes with your inner sight.

Then turn off the news, offer a simple prayer to God asking for his intercession in all situations you have seen, and conclude with this fiat:

Beloved Chamuel, I call to you to give this fiat with me:

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM,
In the name Archangel Chamuel:

Be Gone, Forces of Anti-Love!
Be Gone, Forces of Anti-Love!
Be Gone, Forces of Anti-Love!



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