Relationships and Love: Free eBook

We are delighted to share the first free eBook of the Celestial Pearls for the Soul series!

Celestial Pearls are practical guides for spiritual growth, created from excerpts from the publications and events of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet as well as the teachings of the great spiritual masters of all ages.

Learn about the soul's search for divine love:
"Deep within our souls is a yearning for our divine counterpart. For we have a memory from long ago of union with the one soul who is our other half, our twin flame."

Learn more about the love of twin flames:
"It can be a love like the love of newlyweds, where the whole world is full of your love and everyone you meet receives the love of two hearts that beat as one as you forge this union more beautifully day by day."

Get inspired and remember that love is the greatest power in the universe and all experiences on earth serve to teach the meaning of love.

Download your free eBook: click here

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