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Finding a Higher Love

Finding a Higher Love

5½ x 8½   140/215mm   PAGES 220   US$14.95   ISBN 978-1-60988-262-4

A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships

We’re all looking for that special someone. But our expectations for love and relationships are often based on notions of romantic love we’ve seen in movies and the media. We start to believe that if our relationship or marriage is not blissfully out of this world and doesn’t perfectly fulfill all of our needs, there must be something terribly wrong.

In Finding a Higher Love, world-renowned author Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares a much-needed spiritual perspective on love, sexuality, and relationships. Every relationship has its challenges—whether we find ourselves with our soul mate, twin flame, or what she calls a karmic partner. And yet, she explains, our intimate relationships and search for true love are, in reality, a quest for wholeness that offers us a unique opportunity for deep spiritual growth and inner transformation.

With warmth and compassion, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the real purpose and power of relationships. Her profound insights as well as her practical tools and techniques will show you how to open your heart, spiritualize your partnerships, and magnetize the highest love that is yours to have.

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