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Odyssey of Your Soul

Odyssey of Your Soul

5½ x 8½   140/215mm   PAGES 280   US$14.95   ISBN 978-1-60988-025-5

A Voyage of Self-Discovery

Odyssey of Your Soul: A Voyage of Self-Discovery is Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s insightful interpretation of the rites of passage hidden in one of literature’s most popular epic poems, the Odyssey, by Homer.

The Odyssey recounts the long and challenging journey of the Greek hero Odysseus as he sails home after the Trojan War and as he labors to reclaim his palace and his rightful place as king. Homer’s mythic tale is revealed by the author as an archetypal story of initiation and soul evolution. The story of Odysseus is the timeless story of the soul who must navigate the waters of life and overcome the seemingly insurmountable.

The drama of Odysseus is an inner drama. His relationships and encounters mirror back to him parts of his own character that he must confront. Odysseus, like each of us, must solve the fundamental equation of life that begins with the question: Am I willing to do what it takes to get home—to discover Self and achieve wholeness?

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